Helping you with
  • not only your Aesthetic
but also your Bite, Speech, and overall Oral Hygiene, Orthodontic Treatments will help you achieve a perfect smile.
No matter how severe the case of misaligned, spaced out, or crowded teeth is, we offer a variety of Orthodontic Treatments, ranging from conventional Braces to a Clear Aligner to help correct your teeth.

Why might I need Orthodontic Treatments?

You may need Orthodontic treatments if you have:
  • Rotated, Crowded, or Uneven teeth
  • Gaps between your teeth
  • An imperfect bite

The Variety of Orthodontic Treatments

1. Braces

A)  Metal Braces: Conventional Metal Braces have been around for decades, and their effectiveness has stood against the test of time while simultaneously providing a budget-friendly option when compared to other treatments. With this method, the metal wires are held in place by bands or ligatures that come in a variety of colors. The ligatures can be changed during your monthly check-ups so that you can give your braces a customized look that is unique to you.
B) Self-ligating Braces: An evolved form of metal braces in which the bands or ligatures holding the metal in place is no longer needed. Hence, friction between the brackets and wires is reduced, resulting in a more comfortable experience. Self-ligating braces have also been found to trap less food, and do not require frequent follow-up visits.
C)  Ceramic Braces: Functions similar to Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces offer a more aesthetic approach with the translucent nature of the brackets while giving the same quality results.

2. Retainers

A)  Clear Aligners: Transparent and Removable plastic dental braces are a great alternative for those who do not want to feel self-conscious about having visible metal braces when talking and smiling. It functions just like the conventional braces, but the treatment process involves wearing different aligners as you progress through the treatment stages.
B)  Fixed Retainers: Non-removable retainers are bonded to the inside of your front teeth to keep them from relapsing. Fixed Retainer is a great option if you want to avoid the troubles of removing and caring for your retainers, yet, it requires extra care, especially when cleaning to ensure no food is stuck and to prevent plaque build-up.

What can I expect during the treatment?

In general, Orthodontics treatment takes around 1 to 3 years to complete depending on the case. During which, you will be required to have follow-up visits at least once per month.

First appointment:

Your dentist will take X-rays and Impressions of your teeth for model study purposes. Extractions may be recommended to make space for movement.

Second appointment:

Brackets and wires will be bonded to your teeth.

Monthly visits:

You will need to have regular follow-up visits at least once per month for your dentist to monitor and make any necessary adjustments.


Upon completion of your braces treatment, you will be given a set of retainers to help prevent your teeth from relapsing.